Technical cooperation between the Brazilian Speleological Society, Votorantim Cimentos and the Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Rainforest

The agreement of the technical-financial cooperation between Votorantim Cimentos (VC), The Institute of Friends of the Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Coastal Rain Forest (RBMA) and the Brazilian Society of Speleology (SBE) was designed to orient actions for the preservation of the national speleological heritage and the Atlantic Coastal Rain Forest, as well as developing


The present proposal of the Brazilian Speleological Society (SBE) to Votorantim Cimentos (VC) is guided by the interests, in both institutions, to reconcile the Speleological Heritage, socioeconomic development and its conservation. These two crucial concepts are expressed in the SBE mission, in the VC Global Environmental Policy/Green Rules and are implemented by technical cooperation agreement

The book “Humans and the Karst Landscape”

This book is the fruit of the innovative partnership for Technical Cooperation between the Brazilian Spelelogical Society, Votorantin Cements, and the Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Coastal Rain Forest. This partnership involves research into the speleological heritage and its protection, as well as the determination of good practices for mining and Environmental education. The landscapes